As a musician I have a strong sense of rhythm, tone, and timing. I want viewers to be completely in the moment.


I like to create a feel-good vibe on set. Production days are long and everyone is working hard, this creates space for great content.


Documentary Shorts

Explore the people, places, and culture of Tequila.

Discover life inside a serpent handling church.

Follow an iconic designer as he builds his first large scale mural.

Examine a dime-store owner's positivity in the face of gentrification.



Creative Director / Filmmaker

For 15 years I have worked as a creative director and commercial filmmaker for brands and agencies like Deep Eddy Vodka, John Frieda, Carnival Cruise, and Saatchi & Saatchi.

As a documentary filmmaker my commercial experience has sharpened my ability to make thoughtful, decisive, editorial and directing decisions that compel the story forward.

My experience as a musician and producer influences my approach to editing. The visual rhythm, tone, and feel is like an instrument and the story informs how I should play it.

I'm drawn to rich characters, unlikely heroes, and bold visuals. I appreciate the irreverent, value authenticity, and strong work ethic. I'm drawn to non-pretentious creatives who value collaboration.

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Brandon Faris


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